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Biore®️ strips will not extract blackheads! Facials DO!!

Something to think about the next time you consider spending your cash on do-it yourself drugstore products. For over 20 years of performing intense facials on all age groups, I’ve  seen a lot of sebum (oil, blackheads) come out of sebaceous glands. Most of the time they are stringy and much deeper than the results you see with take home strips. Most of the time, clients are not putting a dent in clearing that sebaceous gland and will see the following day more appear. I compare it to putting Scotch®️ Tape on your face and pulling. Best results for clearing your skin is with professional facials and using a professionally recommended exfoliant at home to keep dead skin from accumulating.

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The importance of Facials and maintenance!

The importance of Facials and maintenance!

Here at Blush, we wanted to share our results to our clients and explain the importance of scheduling regular facial cleanings. I started last year treating this special client for her cystic, pustule acne. When she arrived her self-confidence was hidden. My heart felt her aches over her skin, knowing from self experience the pain, discomfort, redness, and inflammation. That’s not even mentioning how to hide this condition from the public with makeup, scarves, hair down, etc. My mission was to pull the beautiful self-confidence out of this young lady and let her shine. The one thing that I needed to remind her is that it is important to keep up with facial appointments and professional recommendations for skincare at home. Our skin is always renewing and growing, if not properly cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized the balance will be disrupted. We had to start with a series of professional exfoliating and extracting treatments. Our LED treatment really made a difference in helping to kill bacteria, calm inflammation, and faster healing without new breakouts. She and her mother made the decision to dedicate the time and money so later in life she will not have to deal with treatments to reverse scarring. Sometimes we need to reevaluate what is important in our life at certain times. Would the night out, new shoes, or fancy purse makes us truly happy? For me, I made the choice in high school to save my checks from a part time job to get facials so I didn’t scar my face. We only have one skin. It’s easier to