Nina Catalano

Is a Chicago native with a passion for skincare and hair removal. She began her career as an esthetician in 1997 and has since, been a diligent student and mentor of her craft. She is an advocate for skincare education and has treated many clients who have come to her after experiencing misinformation or mistreatment from other providers. 

As someone who has suffered from much acne in her youth, Nina has experienced the benefits facials have had on her skin and therefore can empathize with her clients as she solves their individual beauty issues. Her extensive background also includes relieving clients from skin imperfections such as cherry and spider angiomas.

She is committed to providing an environment of positivity, inclusiveness and compassion. She has serviced thousands of clients including celebrities and athletes but her favorites have been those who have walked through her doors hiding their skin from the world and walking out with more confidence, ready to tackle life’s challenges.

She knows that although beauty comes from within, a change in complexion or hair growth can make a difference in an individual’s confidence. She wants everyone to have a positive self-image and is happy to share her knowledge wherever she can.

Niki Possemato

Nikki Blush Skincare. .jpg


First began her career in the beauty industry eight years ago, and over the course of her journey she has found her calling in helping people feel confident in their own skin. She has been trained in a wide range of techniques and products, from cosmetics and facials to microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and more. Niki has also been trained by Nina Catalano in the blend method, a highly effective form of electrolysis that combines the benefits of the two primary alternatives methods. She works closely with her clients to listen to their needs and goals, while adding her valuable expert opinion to ensure they are completely satisfied.  Niki was drawn to electrolysis by her desire to help people feel more confident and comfortable with themselves. She and Nina are excited by the opportunity to work with and help those within the transgender community, as their method of electrolysis can be particularly valuable for those transitioning into the next chapter of their lives.