On Electrolysis

Abby K

I went to a different electrologist a few years ago and didn't have a great experience.  It's been so different with Nina. She's really nice and very good at what she does. After my first visit, I got some bad pimples in the treated area and after that she made sure it didn't happen again. My chin is fuzz-free and my lip is on the way to being clear as well.  Seeing her is as pleasant as electrolysis can be.


Andrea P

I tried electrolysis for the first time last Saturday with Nina.  I have a lot of black facial hair on my chin area that is really embarrassing for me.  I had my doctor write a prescription for emla which a topical anesthetic and I is put it on my chin an hour before my treatment.  Nina explained the process and started to work on cleaning up the right side of my chin. I felt mild stinging here and there but not bad at all. I lasted the full hour and when she showed me in the mirror, I couldn’t believe the difference after 1 treatment!   The visible black roots on my left side were no longer visible on the right side. She then cleaned the area and I have had no whiteheads redness, or scabs at all just flawless skin!!!! I can't wait to come this Saturday to start the clean up on the left side of my chin. She has made such a difference in my life!


Laura A

Nina is awesome! It was my first time and she really helped explain the process and let me relax. I have sensitive skin, and she was careful and listened to my concerns. She did a great job, will be going back soon!


Alison C


After a terrible experience with electrolysis a few years ago, I was worried about trying again. I emailed Nina after coming across her page and great reviews, and she was quick to respond and tell me about all of the preventative measures she would take to prevent a reaction from occurring.


I've just had my fourth treatment, and not only is there a very noticeable difference in hair growth, I have not had any major reactions or breakouts. Each session is finished with an additional cleansing, the use of a high-frequency wand to kill bacteria, a galvanic-roller treatment and a light skin repair cream.


Since Nina is well-versed in electrolysis and multiple other types of skin treatments and facials, she knows exactly what to do! She is very thorough, great with communication, accommodating with scheduling and has very fair prices. She allows all of your minutes to roll over and frequently offers packages if you buy sessions together. I would definitely recommend Nina for electrolysis, and can't wait to try out her facial services as well!



Nina does great work and she's a truly pleasant presence while you're under her watchful eye. She did such an amazing job with my electrolysis that I haven't had to pluck my eyebrows in years.


I have known her long enough to have visited her at three different locations, all serviced with her professionalism and grace. She is always flexible and willing to accommodate on short notice. Her rates are reasonable and she's very careful. Not only does she do fantastic electrolysis work, she is wonderful with waxing as well.


I highly recommend Nina.


Nebula I

I have been seeing Nina for half a year for my electrolysis and my results have been stellar. I have treated my underarm, upper lip, sides and neck area so far and my hair is getting thinner, finer and it grows less and less. I highly recommend this procedure and her for anyone thinking of getting permanent hair removal or any services she provides. Nina seriously knows her stuff, she keeps herself trained and knowledgeable plus she is super fun to talk to and maintains a high level of professionalism. I value her input and simply wish I can give her more stars, I am very happy with my services. Keep in mind, electrolysis takes a while for hair to be permanently removed but you will see results throughout the sessions, some areas of the body have a higher pain threshold but the small pain and the money is well worth it. You definitely won't regret it.




Won O

I was recommended to Nina for skin care by a friend.  The first time I saw her, she said you're allergic to nickel and not drinking enough water.  Right on both counts! She's the best esthetician I've ever worked with, and I'm no rookie. I've gotten facials all over the globe for 20+ years. My skin has improved immensely. Nina recommends products as well, and those recommendations change based on the season and the health of your skin.  I can't say enough about the professionalism, skill level, knowledge and quality of her care. Nina Capuano gives the best facial/skin care in Chicago.


Eric F

I had never gotten a facial before, but I was recommended to Nina and me (and my face) are so glad that I did~! After going to see her my face felt replenished like new and I was truly impressed with her deep knowledge of skincare and her ability to make me feel instantly comfortable and trusting under her care. I fully and wholeheartedly recommend anyone with the interest in skincare to explore it with no one else but Nina, highly recommended.